Search Full Bank Details with MICR Code online in India

Importance of MICR in cheques
The MICR or the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Number is a technology which is used by banks to smooth the progress of the processing of cheques. The MICR code is made up of the account and the routing number at the end of a cheque.

Why Is This Required?
  • This character is needed by computers to recognize the unique cheques and transfer it on for processing of the money in the specific account. This is different from general bar codes as these can be recognized and read by human beings easily.

  • The code is printed in specialized toner or ink which has iron oxide. When the computer starts decoding this, first, the characters are magnetized from the paper’s surface. After that, the code is transferred over the MICR reading head. This looks like a tape recorder playback section. A unique waveform is punched into the system and that is identified by the computer system afterwards.
This code is needed so that even after stamp marks and signatures, it can still be recognized easily. That’s why the special ink is used. The failure to recognize this unique code number in banks is less than 1%. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Number is very crucial for the entire process.

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